Bunk Hiddenbed

$ 4,499.00

Kids of all ages love the Bunk Hiddenbed! Instead of having a “regular” bed, why not have two beds, a large desk and storage all in one!?! Not only is our Bunk Hiddenbed extremely practical, it’s the only piece of furniture you need in your child’s room. This Hiddenbed features shelving behind the lower bed and integrated ladders on both sides for easy access to the top bunk. The Hiddenbed’s patented system is easy for children of all ages to transform the bed to the desk and back again, all by themselves. The wall-free design of Hiddenbed  does not need a wall to be mounted to, and like all Hiddenbed models, the desk supports up to 120 lbs. of weight.

  • Condo
  • Dorm Rooms
  • Dens
  • Trailers / Mobile Homes
  • Kids Rooms
  • Bachelor Pads and Small Apartments



Weight450 lbs
SizeSingle/Double, Single/Single
ColourAria +$450, Black, Candlelight, Chocolate Pear, Dark Chocolate +$450, Ivory, Maple, Milk Chocolate +$450, Summerflame, Tuxedo +$450, Vanilla Styx +$450, White, White Chocolate +$450, Zambukka +$450


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