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Looking to attract new business
and differentiate your product line
from the competition?

Apply today and join our team of
licensed HiddenBed dealers

Give your customers the best experience in home furniture by joining our exclusive network of dealers authorized to resell the patented HiddenBed technology.

Limited opportunities per local area


    Dealer Benefits

    A Growing Market

    With the rising cost of housing and small
    living spaces, the demand for space-saving
    furniture is growing exponentially. Adding the
    patented HiddenBed solutions to your
    product line will increase your business and
    position you as an industry leader.

    Dealer Success

    We are here to support you in your success.
    We are open 7 days a week and are available
    for any questions and we can even Color
    brochures, Murphy Bed photo disc loaded
    with product images, explicit assembly

    Sales & Communication

    As a dealer you will benefit from the
    investment we make into marketing and
    sales, both online and offline, across the

    Manufactured in Canada

    With the majority of products being
    manufactured overseas, HiddenBed has a
    competitive advantage over competitors with
    our ability to deliver a reliable, high-quality
    product, custom-built to the unique needs of
    the customer, at an affordable price.

    HiddenBed is magic

    Transform from desk to bed without moving a thing

    With Hiddenbed, you can leave everything on your desk as you transform it into a bed.

    When you’re ready to work, simply fold your bed up against the wall, and the mechanism lifts your desktop to working height with all of your items intact from the previous day.

    Objects up to 17” high can remain on the desk as you transform it back into a bed.

    If all you need is a short nap, you can even leave a full cup of coffee on the desk and it will not spill a drop!

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